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Splendenti Eyewear Computer Glasses – Blue Light and UV Protection – Digital Eyestrain Prevention – FDA Registered – Kids Model Superhero


This frame is recommended for teens and kids. The durable acetate frame is designed for the demanding requirements of our younger users. 

Protect your eyes against UV light, limit your risk of macular degeneration, reduce digital eye fatigue and decrease sleep disruption with Splendenti Blue Light and UV Protection. 

All Splendenti eyeglasses are FDA registered. 

Splendenti’s Blue Light and UV Protection Glasses and Clips are versatile, fashionable and provide protection against harmful blue and UV light with limited visibility distortion. They can be used when working at your computer, using your tablet or smart phone, watching television, working under fluorescent light or outdoors in the sun. 

Splendenti Eyewear is dedicated to creating versatile, fashionable and quality made eyewear and accessories for all ages at an affordable price. All of our eyewear and accessories are thoughtfully designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials. 

About Blue Light 

Blue light is adjacent to ultraviolet light (UV light) on the light spectrum. It is comprised of very short, high energy wavelengths. Electronic devices with back-lit screens emit large quantities of blue light (smart phones, tablets, laptops, computer screens, televisions.) 

Studies have shown that blue light can be a factor causing digital eye fatigue, dry eyes, headaches and retinal damage (macular degeneration). Blue light can also interrupt your body clock and cause sleep disruptions. 

Splendenti lenses block 50% of the most harmful types of blue light helping our bodies keep their natural schedule while providing very important protection for our eyes. Splendenti Eyewear is essential for anyone using electronic devices daily.

Splendenti Eyewear Computer Glasses Blue Light and UV Protection Digital Eyestrain Prevention  FDA Registered Kids Model Superhero