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Cleaning is the most important thing to do. if your are not cleaning your house properly then it means you are inviting diseases and harmful bacteria in you home. So are you cleaning your home properly? Which method you are using to clean the home?  Still using old method to clean the floor? Old method of cleaning the floor is tiring and time consuming method and If the area of floor is big then it is really  annoying to clean the floor, fill the bucket again and again. So its time to change the way of cleaning. Leave the old dip and go method behind and start using spin mops.

Spin mops helps you to clean your floor in quick and easy way, With the advancement of technology, spin mops are available in the market. But still, most of the world is still using those old dip-and-go mops. There is lot of spin mops is available on the internet. Due to this people are confused in choosing the best spin mops. Those standard mops are cheap, but they don’t clean the floors properly and spread dirty messes here and there rather than picking up the dirt. This is the right time to find the best spin mop and buy it.

To help you to choose the best spin mop we have compared and done spin mops review below, we have selected the list of best spin mops, and you can buy any of them. All the mops have their features and quality. Read the complete spin mops review to know which mop is right for you!

Here we have selected Top 5 best Spin Mops

We have invested a good number of hours in finding these five best spin mops. All these spin mops are selected on the bases of customer reviews, popularity, effectiveness and availability.There are a lot of spin mops available in the market, but these are the best spin mops that can make your job easier and they are priced very reasonably.

List Of Best Spin Mop Selected by us

1. Mopnado Stainless Steel Deluxe Rolling Best Spin Mop

It consists of a 56-inch long handle that is fully extended. You don’t have to buy other accessories; this is the only product that you need. They have patented mop plates, which makes mop head rinsing very easier than another mop available in the market.It is perfect for cleaning laminate, hardwood floor, concrete or even tiles.

It has wheels to move from one place to other, which means you don’t have to pick it up and give pain to your back. In our Best Spin Mops Review 2017, this mop takes the first position.

2. O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Best Spin Mop

It allows hand free wringing because of built-in wringer. One of the best spin mops available in market. It makes deep cleaning of dirt and grime because of microfiber. Its consist of high-quality spin pedals that are designed to activate spin wringing.Best fits for the houses with large windows in which sun consistently highlights the dirt particles and Black lab hairs. 

Whenever moping is done using this spin mop it almost out all the water. Its handle is made of aluminum that is fairly sturdy as compare to other spin mops. In our Best Spin Mops Review 2017, this mop takes the second position.

3. LINKYO Best Spin Mop Bucket System

Linkyo spin mop consist of POM spin gear and very much durable mop handle. Its fibers are made of Electrostatic microfiber that easily absorbs dirt and picks up hairs and dust. Mop bucket has rolling wheels, drain hole, cleaning dispenser and splash guard.

No need to wring mop with your hands, simply say good bye to traditional mops. Use this best spin mop with unique push handle design that makes cleaning and drying process much easier. In our Best Spin Mops Review 2017, this mop takes the third position.

4. Twist and Shout Mop - Best Spin Mop

Can you believe a product is giving lifetime warranty? In most cases NO. Here are the Twist and Shout Mop that gives a lifetime warranty. It is the number one selling mop on Amazon. There is no plastic spinning axis or foot pedals. It dries the mop head two times more as compare to foot pedal version.

It consists of super absorbent microfibers that clean three times better than other mops. It is made of 8000 strands of microfiber that locks in spills, stains, and dust, instead of pushing them here and there. In our Best Spin Mops Review 2017, this mop takes the fourth position.

5. Sir-Mops-a-Lot Best Spin Mop

Now cleaning your floors are easier with the use of Sir Mops a Lot of Spin Mops. It is a premium rolling spin mop with an effective and revolutionary system that is better than anything else in the market.

It has a self-wringing system that dries the mop quickly with just a simple push. Unlike other tradition mops that have plastic or aluminum drying baskets, this mop has STAINLESS STEEL basket. Its 360° swivel technology allows you to clean areas like walls and under furniture etc. In our Best Spin Mops Review 2017, this mop takes the fifth position.

How Spin Mop Works | Spin Mops Review 

Using  a spin mops is the best way to clean your home with ease. But, Do you ever wonder how spin mop works?  Working of a Best Spin mop is very simple. To make a mop work at first we have to assemble its parts. It has a big iron rod and a turning mop head and a the most important part the mop. After attaching these three parts we can make a spin mop.

Now comes the working part. When we moves the spin mop the up and down motion of the rod produces a turning/spinning motion of the mop head. When the handle attached with the rod comes down and the mop head moves in a circular motion and cleans your floor. The bucket dryer also works in the same way when we put the rod on the bucket dryer and push the handle in downward direction. It creates a turning motion and the bucket and dry the mop head. 

How To Use Spin Mops | Best Spin Mops

Using Dip and Go mops is very hardworking thing but other then this working with spin mops is a fun task. Its very easy to use spin mop because you don't have to bend down and strain your back while using it. The first step to use the spin mop is filling the bucket with water.  After filling the bucket with water add cleaner in it. Now dip the mop head in the bucket. Make sure the mop head rinse the water properly. Wring out the excess water from the mop head. 

After taking the excessive water out use the mop as any other dip and go cleaner. You can also take the bucket with you while cleaning the house. Use the bucket dryer to moisture out the mop after using it. Best thing about spin mop is you can also use it like a dust remover first. Just use the dry mop to remove dust from the corners of the house.

Thanks for reading this complete article. We tried to review the best spin mops of 2017. This post contains affiliate links of Amazon LLC. They will be paying us some bucks if you buy products using them without any extra cost for you.